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Health & Safety Cement Repair Work

Aquaterra is committed to employee Health and Safety and is proud of its accomplishments in safe work performance, ongoing communications, and continuing education for its staff. All of Aquaterra’s staff members comply with the provisions set forth in its comprehensive corporate Health & Safety Plan and participate in an Annual Training to refresh the policies and procedures in this plan. The Annual Training also covers any changes to the Health & Safety Plan, or Industry and OSHA standards, to ensure that Aquaterra’s staff remain informed of, and prepared to address, any new hazards that they may be presented with in their work.

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Aquaterra is a registered contractor with:

In addition to internal Health & Safety Training and Continued Education, Aquaterra & its employees hold the following certifications:

  • 40-hr HAZWOPER Certification

  • 8-hr HAZWOPER Annual Refresher Training

  • HAZWOPER Supervisor Certification

  • Process Safety Management Training

  • Process Safety Management Refresher Training

  • ISNetworld Registered Contractor since 2006

  • Avetta (fka PICS) Registered Contractor since 2010

  • CPR & First Aid Certification