Site Characterization

Aquaterra has the professional resources and experience to take your project from start to finish, from the initial response to agency-approved closure. We work closely with the local, state, and regional government agencies to determine the most efficient, and cost effective approach to fulfill project requirements and meet the needs of our clients.

Because each site is unique, Aquaterra evaluates all cogent site criteria to determine the nature and extent of impact, its migration, and any risks to natural resources and/or receptors on private and public property.  Aquaterra believes the clues to solving these challenges can be pieced together by reviewing the site history, collecting soil and groundwater data, and by gaining an understanding of features and properties in the vicinity of the site.

Site Characterization Services provided by Aquaterra include:

  • Environmental Site Assessments

  • Comprehensive Site Characterization

  • Aquifer Assessments

  • Vadose Zone & Groundwater Modeling

  • Risk Based Corrective Action Evaluation (RBCA E1739)

  • Source Zone Contamination Distribution Sampling using Membrane Interface Probe Systems (MIP)

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