Real Estate Assessment

Aquaterra has the professional resources and experience to perform Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments pursuant to the most current standards (ASTM Standards E1527, E1528, E1903 and USEPA 40 CFR Part 312 – AAI Rule) and to provide the appropriate level of inquiry for the seller or the potential buyer of real estate. We work closely with the local, state, and regional government agencies in order to develop the best, most efficient and cost effective strategy that meets our client′s needs.

Phase I Services currently being offered by Aquaterra:

  • Extensive research utilizing Federal and applicable State databases to investigate any site-specific and/or surrounding property environmental conditions.
  • Historical use including aerial photograph, fire insurance map, property tax file, recorded title and deed, local street directory, zoning/land use record, city directory review, and prior assessment record review.
  • Site reconnaissance to revaluate potential environmental conditions and receptors existing on the property or adjacent properties.
  • Geologic and soil map review.
  • Interview with the current property owner/operator and local officials.
  • Evaluation and report preparation.
  • Perform local and state regulatory agency file review.

The Phase II activities are tailored around the results of the Phase I investigation in order to evaluate the recognized environmental conditions that were identified. Specific activities performed to evaluate the existence of and nature and extent of contamination may include:

  • Soil boring installation and geologic logging
  • Field screening and laboratory analysis of soil samples
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Collection of groundwater elevation readings for development of groundwater flow maps
  • Surface water and sediment sampling
  • Collection of sufficient information to aid the client in making business decisions regarding the property

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