Principal Hydrogeologist
  • Loughborough University (UK), Doctoral Scholar, PhD Expected 2019

  • West Chester University, M.A., Geoscience

  • University of Rhode Island, B.S., Geology

Professional Affiliations / Certifications
  • Registered Professional Geologist, Pennsylvania PG 000564-G, Delaware S40000958 and Indiana #1270

  • National Groundwater Association

  • Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists

  • International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)

  • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)

  • Engineers Without Borders–USA; Philadelphia Professionals Chapter

  • Mentor Coordinator for Engineers Without Borders-USA; Northeast Region

  • Professional Mentor to the Drexel University Engineers Without Borders Student Chapter working in El Salvador

  • Board Member, National Groundwater Research & Educational Foundation

  • Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF)

Selected Achievements
  • Developed bioremediation program at a former petroleum release site; where in ­situ bioremediation injection applications are remediating contaminated groundwater. Program design elements included; injection program design and associated testing; evaluation of the appropriate microorganisms and nutrients and bench testing; regulatory negotiation and field implementation and performance monitoring.Lorem Ipsum

  • Formulated an emergency response project plan for catastrophic releases of petroleum in a residential community. Managed discrete work groups and coordinated subcontractors; acted as liaison between field activities and the client. Strengthened the community and client’s relationship during a very difficult ordeal.

  • Guided a special team of environmental scientists in the implementation of Risk-Based Corrective Action applications at petroleum release sites. The RP was able to better manage sites, and associated financial expenditures while focus was placed on priority sites, which were based upon a risk framework.

  • Provide quantitative hydrogeologic analysis in defense of an environmental cleanup claim for a major oil client. Analysis included historical remedial action system performance, water quality trend analyses, technical expert reports and affidavits.

  • Achieved regulatory release from liability under Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program (Chapter 250) and Storage Tank Corrective Action Process (Chapter 245) for numerous sites in several regions of PADEP.

  • Developed a community water supply for a local Water Authority. Work elements included utilization of geophysical assessment, fracture trace analysis, well construction oversight, aquifer testing reporting and PADEP/DRBC Permitting. The water source developed exceeded demand, thereby creating an excess for future community growth.

  • Formulated an approach for the performance of a groundwater extraction program. Coordinated plan development, data collection protocol, analysis and computer modeling, oral presentations and reporting. Survived technical challenge by opposing experts and the project was given unconditional approval.

  • Completed a comprehensive summary of petroleum refinery including well installation, groundwater sampling and non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) characterization. Directed comprehensive environmental quality assessment of several RCRA solid waste units (SWMUS) and other areas of concern (AOC’s) as supporting documentation for agency permit negotiation and corrective action.