Project Manager
  • Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Environmental Resources Management

  • Drexel University, M.S. Engineering Geology

  • Princeton University, Graduate Studies in Civil Engineering (Water Resources)

Professional Affiliations / Certifications
  • Registered Professional Geologist, Pennsylvania PG 003686E

  • National Groundwater Association

  • American Institute of Professional Geologists (Past Officer)

Selected Achievements
  • Oversaw program for high-volume, time-sensitive, Phase II due-diligence evaluations for large financial institution. Projects located nationwide and often part of multi-site portfolios. Responsible as lead client contact, coordination of projects among offices, tracking progress and ensuring quality of work, as well as management of individual projects, report preparation and/or review, data evaluation, and developing strategies. Projects included evaluation of various media (soil, groundwater and soil vapor), as well evaluation of mold, asbestos, lead-based paint, radon, erosion/sediment control, and potential impacts from historic pesticide/herbicide. Properties included manufacturing facilities, gasoline stations, auto repair facilities, commercial properties, large residential developments, etc.

  • Organized and evaluated over 30 years of investigation/remediation data for large New Jersey Brownfields site that was former precious-metals reclamation facility. Work was conducted as part of due diligence prior to potential redevelopment and likely transfer of LSRP responsibilities. Evaluated technical adequacy of past activities and identified potential issues affecting redevelopment and regulatory status.

  • Managed project involving investigation and remediation of past releases at large chemical manufacturing facility along a major river. Work involved preparation of numerical model of groundwater flow (MODFLOW) and contaminant transport, preparation of reports and plans, and regulatory interface.

  • Evaluated historic data to determine age and source of identified subsurface impacts at large oil terminal in New Jersey. Project involved multiple parties, including major oil companies, each stating that subsurface impacts were attributable to other party. Successfully evaluated data and interacted with NJDEP to establish that prior property owner maintained responsibility for ongoing cleanup activities.

  • Managed large RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) at abandoned industrial property along the Delaware River. Led interdisciplinary/multi-company team through planning and implementation of $7M RFI.

  • Successfully directed expedited Phase II baseline site assessments of 21 large service stations along Pennsylvania Turnpike as part of real estate transfer. Work involved fieldwork at multiple facilities during harsh winter conditions, followed by rapid preparation of detailed reports to meet deadlines. All work was completed on time and in budget, allowing real-estate deal to move forward.

  • Identified supplementary water source for major water-provider in southeastern Pennsylvania. Quarry was identified and evaluated as potential water source and storage facility for peak demand. Work involved large-scale pumping test to evaluate impacts on nearby wells and/or surface water.

  • Directed multi-party team through RFI and Corrective Measures Study (CMS) in Missouri with lifetime cost estimated at $lOOM. Site located in karst terrain with abandon mineshafts and test borings. Contaminants included wide range of chlorinated organic compounds, metals and both light and dense non-aqueous phase liquids. Investigation included wide range of activities, including installation of deep wells with multiple casings, coring, geophysics (seismic, electromagnetic, resistivity), dye-tracing, etc. Remediation included closure of large impoundments and large-scale pump-and-treat system for source removal and to control contaminant migration.