Aquaterra Technologies, Inc.

Environmental Consulting
West Chester, PA

Aquaterra is a privately owned environmental consulting firm that provides complete remediation services throughout PA, NY, NJ and DE. Professional services provided by Aquaterra include hydrogeologic investigations, regulatory consulting, groundwater sampling and monitoring, environmental permitting, remediation design and installation, and remedial system operation and maintenance in support of environmental projects. Technical services include integration of remedial technologies for cost effective groundwater and soil remedial programs.

Aquaterra takes pride in providing its clients with services that are responsive, responsible, accurate, and economical. We have highly experienced managers on site, actively supervising project work, enabling hands on technical support and job cost control at all times. Aquaterra operates its field activities under one unified philosophy, to provide rapid response and consistent services for industry.

Aquaterra is committed to employee Health and Safety, as well as providing a healthy work environment at all of our clients sites. Aquaterra assimilates client-specific health and safety criteria with Aquaterra’s policies to minimize our client’s liability concerns regarding the safety performance of their contractors.

Aquaterra’s mission is to serve private and public interests in the protection of natural resources, through the integration of technical disciplines applied to environmental remediation projects.

Aquaterra is proud to support the efforts of a number of organizations including, but not limited to: Safe Harbor of Chester County, Stroud Water Research Center, Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists, and the Chamber of Commerce of Greater West Chester Education Foundation.

<a href="/company/mike-sarcinello/">Mike Sarcinello</a>

Mike Sarcinello

Senior Project Manager
<a href="/company/lawrence-roy/">Lawrence Roy</a>

Lawrence Roy

Technical Manager
<a href="/company/david-schantz/">David Schantz, P.G.</a>

David Schantz, P.G.

Project Manager
<a href="/company/geoff-kristof/">Geoff Kristof, P.G.</a>

Geoff Kristof, P.G.

Principal Hydrogeologist
<a href="/company/brian-lettini/">Brian Lettini, P.G., LSRP</a>

Brian Lettini, P.G., LSRP

Project Manager

<a href="/company/marco-droese/">Marco Droese, P.G.</a>

Marco Droese, P.G.

Senior Hydrogeologist