2019 Aquaterra Employee of the Quarter Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce our Employee of the Quarter Award Recipients for 2019!

These employees were recognized by their colleagues for demonstrating Aquaterra’s values of integrity, accountability, professionalism, quality, and caring in the performance of their duties.

1st Quarter 2019: Congratulations to George Pfeiffer!

“George has been a reliable field person who has been able to handle a wide variety of project duties. He consistently does an excellent job, keeps the project manager informed, comes up with new ideas, and interfaces well with the client, and helps develop new work as a result.”


2nd Quarter 2019: Congratulations to Luke Mokrycki!

“Luke is an outstanding technician and problem-solver.  He is always in a good mood, with an exceptional work attitude and a desire to complete any task to perfection, even if that means to work extra hours or to work under adverse conditions.  Luke is an exemplary employee.”


3rd Quarter 2019: Congratulations to Jake Greenawalt!

“I nominate Jake for all of his hard work over the past month. He has worked extra hours and earned the respect of the client and his co-workers for his knowledge and commitment.”


4th Quarter 2019: Congratulations to Jim Rizzuto!

“Jim’s exemplary attitude for putting the job first needs to be rewarded.  Besides doing a good job in the field, Jim is always eager to put in extra time to get the job done. Jim’s dedication and good attitude towards work is appreciated.”